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Building a Modern Innovative Workplace

KLST 2017 Newsletter – Building a Modern Innovative Workplace

The year 2014 bought a lot of changes to the way organizations attract, empower, retain top millennial talent who are hooked on social media and more mobile than any other generation. Organizations continue to explore new ways of tapping into human networks that makes their business tick, listen to conversations that matter most, adapt to an increasingly volatile market, and grow in ways never before possible. With advances in wearable computing devices and phablets, information workers are looking at innovative ways to collaborate, communicate, share knowledge, and make informed decisions based on social interactions. As we say goodbye to the year 2014 and welcome the new year, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of  KL Software Technologies (KLST) key innovations around building a “Modern Workplace”.

1) Rapid Deployment of Enterprise Social Network

ConnectORG is an enterprise Social networking platform built on Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Yammer that instantly connects your organizational users to expert communities, projects, ideas, documents, and resources to get work done. Offering unique communication and collaboration features,  ConnectORG allows employees to instantly connect with each other, share thoughts & ideas, conduct conversations, contribute content, and build new value together across the enterprise. Contact us to learn more about ConnectORG and how our global team of enterprise social strategy and technology experts can assist your organization with building a “modern workplace”.

2) SharePoint 2013 Apps for building a Modern Workplace

KLST has built a number of SharePoint 2013 Apps that work together in harmony to implement a modern workplace focused on integrating enterprise social into the way people already work so that the power of human networks (from inside and outside a company) is available to help people get their jobs done—anywhere and on any device:
1. Board101 – Read & Annotate Board Papers
2. Project101 – Centralized Project Management
3. Case101 – Streamlined Case Management (incl. Claims Mgmt.)
4. Vendor101 – Simplified Vendor Management
5. ConnectORG – Enterprise Social Solution Framework
6. Salesforce Data Viewer app
7. Employee (Firm) Directory app

3) Consistent User Experience across mobile devices & PCs

Gartner Says By 2018, More Than 50 Percent of Users Will Use a Tablet or Smartphone First for All Online Activities. KLST has developed its own SharePoint 2013 / Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online ready Responsive Web Design Framework called “Responsive101” that allows rapid implementation of Responsive Intranet/Extranet Portals and Internet websites that renders beautifully across phones, tablets, PCs, and MACs. Go ahead and browse  KLST corporate website (built on Microsoft 365 FREE SharePoint Public Website) on your smartphone or seamlessly transition to your tablet. Also, visit  Board101 Microsite to experience the power of “Parallax scrolling” coupled with responsive design. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization build a mobile-ready portal/website.

 4) Building a Hybrid Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 Cloud

KLST has developed a proven  SharePoint Online Migration approach assisting customers across the USA, Australia, and EMEA to set up a hybrid on-premises-in-the-cloud SharePoint Intranet portal OR help migrate from on-premises to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online. Our deep expertise with HTML5/CSS3 coupled with technical strength in JQuery/JavaScript and REST services ensures that we can deliver any complex integrated customizations in restricted development environments like Microsoft 365. Some of the recent customizations include “A Corporate Facebook-style Firm Directory integrated with PeopleSoft backend, readily deployed on SharePoint Online” OR “An Integrated Knowledge Management Repository that presents relevant content to call center staff from both internal and external sources based on intelligent voice/text input, deployed on SharePoint Online and Microsoft CRM Online”.

 5) Building Modern Workplace with SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 is rumored for release by Microsoft in late 2015, but at KLST we have picked our TOP 5 from the “possible” list of features aimed at building a Modern Workplace:
1. Microsoft Outlook for accessing SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer content and delivering updates in real-time
2. Group inbox, social feed, calendar, and document library that group members can use to get the job done
3. Seamless Social Integration with Yammer in-the-cloud
4. Office365-On-Premises Hybrid Search Index
5. Content Authoring using MS Word Style Rich Text Editor

 6) Follow our thought leadership via Social Media

We created a fair bit of buzz related to Modern Workplace in Social Media space this year thanks to some great work done by KLST USA employee Vidya Sriram. We have over
13,000+ Followers on Twitter (@klstinc), an impressive 10,000+ Facebook Fans on the official  KLST Facebook Page, and an ever growing list of Followers on the KLST LinkedIn Company Page. Our official Annotate101 app Facebook Page also continues to attract close to 10,000+ Facebook Fans and an ever-growing worldwide user base of 5000+. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter, Like our Facebook Page, Follow our Company on LinkedIn, or  Join our LinkedIn Group.