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Financial Services Industry Overview

KLST is proud to have worked with many financial institutions across the world to build cutting edge technology solutions that meet key business needs. We provide our Financial Services clients with game changing technology strategy, robust solutions especially built on Microsoft SharePoint, and operations support that helps them unlock their value levers and stay ahead in the face of unprecedented regulation, competition, and change in end-client profiles.

The Financial Services industry is experiencing unprecedented changes, with some even questioning whether it is possible for financial institutions to effectively serve customers, meet new regulatory requirements, and create innovative new business models and solutions while sustaining profitability. At the same time, technology developments, like the cloud, automated trading facilities and very low latency hardware, are contributing to the dynamism of markets.

For years, KLST has provided solutions that take into account the needs of the Financial Services industry, such as reliability, flexibility and low latency. Some of the business solutions that we built using Microsoft Excel are still widely used in trading rooms, while recent innovations delivered on Microsoft Azure are identified as a way to gain competitive advantage or our experience building database solutions leveraging complex event processing engine StreamInsight (a component of SQL Server), are new ways to drastically reduce costs and time to market. Some of key benefits of using KLST Consulting Services and Product offerings specifically designed for Financial Services are:

  • Improved Collaboration – Using Integrated solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft CRM helps increase sales efficiency with intuitive tools and features that give users more time to focus on their core competency. It helps reduce the cost of sales by streamlining and automating key tasks such as approvals and escalations to deliver superior services that improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Content Compliance – Business Solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint and CRM also helps ensure compliance by automating regulatory-required processes, seamlessly building an audit trail by automatically tracking all customer interactions, communications and internal actions and all changes made to customer records with the easy-to-use audit feature.
  • Client 360 degree View – Our Consulting Services and Business Solutions are designed to advance the customer’s experience, either by improving the quality of services provided to the end user via a modern website, and/or by easing the work of the sales advisor with a 360 degree customer view.
  • Cost Reduction – Using familiar Microsoft Technologies (such as SharePoint, .NET and CRM/xRM) reduces integration time to market and therefore the cost of the project. Furthermore, some cloud based modules allow organizations to pay for the resources used as well as reliable and scalable solutions