KLST - Work were you want

Work when and where you want

KLST is a family-owned business and our CEO Ragav Jagannathan firmly believes in “Family comes first”, which provides a family feel to all KLians (KL Software Technologies’ past and present employees) and helps them Innovate, work hard and yet strike a real work-life balance, thanks to our great annual vacation plan of 30 days that can be used towards a relaxing vacation, time off for studies, emergencies, sickness, and unforeseen circumstances. We believe in a FLAT organizational structure which means that KLians are 100% focused on delivering client outcomes and care more about team recognition.

At KLST, we’re committed to helping you find and excel at it. Our Global employees engage with state of the art technologies which set them up for success. If this is not convincing itself, our flexible working hours and telecommute policies are additional perks we can brag about. You read it right. You can work on your schedule from wherever you want that allows you to balance your career and personal life.

Flexible work arrangements are one of the several perks that KLians enjoy and the work-life balance impact is immediately reflected in the high-quality work delivered to our customers. KLians enjoy the freedom of “no-politics” and “Innovation-fuelled” workforce and continue to “amaze” the world with our cool products and service offerings.

Apply for one of our Job Openings today if you think that you have the right skills and have what it takes to be the next “KLian”.