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Innovate without Inhibition

KLians (KLST employees) use technology to solve our customer challenges and create apps that revolutionizes the way people communicate and collaborate with each other. But a KLian does not necessarily have to code to innovate at KLST. KLians across all our teams think big and find creative ways to work better and smarter in everything we do.

At KLST, you can discover potential you didn’t know you had, push your limits, turn your bright ideas into reality and make a real impact on the industry and the world. Here are our TOP 10 reasons on how we promote Innovation without inhibition:

  • At KLST we focus on long-term results and so no idea is considered bad no matter how imaginary it may be!
  • We budget for Innovation spend each year.
  • At KLST Innovation is part of people’s job and not something they work on when they have free time.
  • We believe that Innovation is everyone’s job and not just part of someone’s responsibilities
  • Our efficiency focus promotes free time for fresh thinking.
  • KLST Idea Management Framework nurtures the development of new ideas.
  • Incentives are geared equally towards maximizing today’s business, reducing risk and driving Innovative ideas for future growth.
  • All Managers are trained to be innovation leaders.
  • At KLST our Managers immediately nurture and promote new ideas rather than just tease out their potential.
  • We look at opportunities starting wit customer’s needs and problems, as opposed to internal lenses.