Telecommunications Industry Overview

KLST for Telecommunications 

KLST delivers comprehensive Technology solutions, helping many Telecom sectors worldwide to streamline their operational strategies and promote enhanced customer engagement. We provide our Telecom clients with innovative products and solutions especially built on Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, DocuSign, Xamarin/Ionic, SAP Success Factors etcfor data innovation, reduce the operational costs, advance the return on human capital, encourage competitive standing, and enhance customer satisfaction.  

The upstream of the Telecommunications sector is going through Digital transformation to confront the challenges that arise due to the increasing rise in networks, exponential rise in customer expectations, and expanding competition. KLST has built cloud-first, mobile-first fully integration solutions, applications, and portals for the Telecommunications sector, enabling them to shift to digital transformation rapidly and at ease. 

Some of the key benefits of using KLST Consulting Services and Product offerings specifically designed for Telecommunications Sectors are as follows: 

  • Improved Collaboration: With expertise in Cloud-centric Collaboration platforms, KLST implements a robust Cloud-first Content Architecture in Microsoft SharePoint using both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. It helps the Telecommunications sector track every piece of content that is shared both internally with employees and externally with partners/vendors/suppliers. Our comprehensive mobile-first content collaboration solutions built on Microsoft SharePointNintex or Microsoft Power Automate Enterprise Workflow, Enterprise Hybrid Mobility using Ionic or Xamarin, Salesforce Lightning & Force.com platform, SAP, Success Factors and DocuSign eSignature API platform to facilitate the rapid creation of secure apps compliant with enterprise compliance policies and procedures. Using integrated solutions developed by KLST, Telecom teams could get the most value out of data in a connected environment and thereby, facilitating enhanced team collaboration and achieve an integrated workplace.  
  • AI Solutions: Our intelligent apps powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help the Telecommunications sector grab automation opportunities and curtail manual operation and infrastructure limitations. Our AI-powered conversational bots have been helping Telecom professionals to serve their customers better in different ways, providing 24/7 virtual assistance, understanding the customer queries and resolve their network issues proactivity. Our conversational AI innovations help Telecom team level-up their tech expertise, maximizbusiness opportunities, and be inspired by game-changers in the Telecom Industry.
  • Secure Infrastructure: We are working closely with Telecommunications sectors to help them benefit from the highest-performing Cloud-based infrastructure with security architecture, networking, and innovative content collaboration platforms, ensuring to support new applications. Our IT infrastructure solutions help Telecom teams to modernize with agile business applications comprising compute, storage, networking, and migration tools. 

Our innovative IT solutions have helped the Telecommunications sector promote better customer engagement, simplify business processes through automated solutions and acquire deeper customer behavior insights.