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Set up “Anywhere Operations” Model in 2021

Set up “Anywhere Operations” Model in 2021


During 2020, we saw the COVID-19 global pandemic disrupt our client businesses and global economies in unprecedented ways, forcing our clients to rapidly adapt “digital first, remote first” strategy to shape a different type of future. It became clear to us that the traditional operating model needed a reset, not only due to the pandemic but also because technological advances demanded it!

For example, we assisted one of our enterprise clients with the “Return to Work” operating model after its physical offices were closed due to the pandemic for almost 6 months. Using AI and Sensor data (RFID tags), we were able to determine whether employees adhered to company policy of regular hand washing and sanitization. Using Microsoft Azure powered Computer Vision & AI, we were able to determine whether employees adhered to mask protocol and also developed a robust reporting model to analyze the behavioral data collected to continuously improve workplace safety.

We also saw several of our mid-sized and enterprise clients permanently transition to an “anywhere operations” model, allowing key business applications to be securely accessed, delivered and enabled anywhere! As per Gartner, “the model for anywhere operations is digital first, remote first;”. For example, several of our enterprise clients subscribed to KLoBot, a DIY no-code Chatbot Builder Platform, to launch AI chatbots that could handle everything from Employee onboarding and IT support, etc., without any physical interaction. We predict this “anywhere operations” trend to become the default mode of operations for majority of our clients in 2021 and beyond, including digital enhancement of physical spaces.

I want to thank each one of you for making KLST your trusted service provider, vendor, partner, and employer in the year 2020.

KLoBot – Accelerate Digital First, Remote First strategy with AI chatbots


KLoBot is a DIY voice+text Chatbot & Virtual Assistant builder platform that can be used to build, configure, and deploy ‘no-code’ chatbots within minutes. KLoBot platform is robust, secure, and incredibly intelligent designed for business users to create chatbots and deploy easily on your favorite channels along with pre-built connectors SharePoint, iManage, NetDocuments, Elite, SQL Server, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and many more. KLoBot Analytics comes with Governance and Monitoring capabilities to gain user insights and evaluate bot performance.


netDocShareLive View & Edit NetDocuments within SharePoint, Teams & Web Apps

netDocShare is an innovative solution to view and edit NetDocuments content within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or your favorite web application. With the netDocShare Teams app, users can enforce Content Governance via the ability to save relevant Microsoft Teams Conversation to NetDocuments.
Users can install the netDocShare Teams app within minutes and get instant access to NetDocuments content right within Microsoft Teams.

imDocShare – Live View & Edit iManage content within SharePoint, Teams and Web Apps

imDocShare is an innovative solution to view & edit iManage content in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint & Web Apps, without the need to copy/sync duplicate content. imDocShare SharePoint app allows to edit iManage documents right within imDocShare WebParts using the document contextual menu actions like ”Preview”, “Check-In”, “Check-Out”, “Add to Favorites”, “Download” and much more.
Users can install the imDocShare Teams app within minutes and get instant access to iManage documents right within Microsoft Teams.

Legal101 – A modern ‘intelligent’ Law Firm intranet


Legal101 is currently being used by several small to mid-sized law firms worldwide as their Firm Intranet. With Legal101 firms can deploy a fully responsive mobile-first intranet portal within a couple of weeks that accelerates employee productivity and draws more value out of their investment in SharePoint & Office365.

Schedule a demo with us today to understand how firms are modernizing their workplace with Legal101. Learn more –


KLST Customer-Centric Services – Accelerate Digital Transformation

At the end of 2020, we completed 17+ years of customer excellence developing enterprise portals and web applications on Microsoft .NET, SharePoint, DocuSign and Salesforce platform integrated with SuccessFactors, SAP, NetDocuments, iManage, Elite, Aderant, Handshake, Interaction, LexisNexis, Kony, Symphony, and many more enterprise platforms.

KLST completed 150+ enterprise systems integration projects for over 15 new customers worldwide in 2020.


A year of creating successful customer engagements

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