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Tackle Intelligent Digital Mesh in 2018 with KLST

Tackle Intelligent Digital Mesh in 2018 WIth KLST

Tackle Intelligent Digital Mesh in 2018

The year 2017 saw organizations continue to invest in digital models, business platforms, and a rich, intelligent set of services to mature their digital strategy while continuing to build a modern workplace. Gartner calls this trend of entwining of people, devices, content, and services the “intelligent digital mesh”. In 2017, over 60% of KLST customer projects were related to developing dynamic, flexible, and autonomous mobile-first solutions that use Artificial Intelligence to connect people, businesses, devices, content, and services to accelerate digital outcomes.

As we say goodbye to the year 2017 and welcome year 2018, I wanted to take a moment to highlight KL Software Technologies (KLST) software+services that is helping our customers accelerate their digital business evolution.

“Narrow Artificial Intelligence”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) discussions and conversations are everywhere but companies can see rapid ROI using “Narrow AI” that is typically focused on doing a “very specific” task. For example, KLST recently developed a bot called “Oracle” for a customer where employees can use Natural Language to interact with that Bot to get answers to their questions, such as “Where is the Employee Handbook?”, “Who is the manager of Joseph Stein?” or “How many vacation days do I have”. KLST AI team develops Bots using LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligence Service), Azure Bot Service (powered by Microsoft Bot Framework), .NET/NodeJS, and REST endpoint integration with SharePoint, Salesforce, SAP, and other enterprise software.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our AI experts on how we can help develop proof-of-concept or production-ready next-generation Bots for your organization.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

“Intelligent apps” and “Augmented Analytics”

In 2017, KLST noted a sharp increase in customer spends to develop hybrid mobile “intelligent” apps as a way of augmenting human activity. Related to intelligent apps is an increasing demand for Augmented Analytics that uses machine learning for insight sharing, discovery, and enterprise reporting. KLST specializes in developing “intelligent” hybrid apps using Xamarin, Kony, Angular4/Ionic2, with machine learning insights provided by Microsoft Graph API and Smart Data Analytics using Power BI

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our hybrid mobile app experts on how we can assist with the planning, design, and development of intelligent apps for your organization.

Intellignet Apps and Augmented Analytics

“Program, Portfolio & Project Management” Made Easy

In 2017, KLST launched its latest version of Project101 Online, designed to make the job of a Program / Project Manager easier with on-demand assistive intelligence everywhere. Project101 deploys onto your existing Office 365 SharePoint Online and Microsoft Azure environment to provide easy to use Program, Portfolio & Project Management (PPM) features such as Automated Weekly Status Reports, Task/Issue/Risk Rollup views, Yammer Integration, Microsoft Project integration, Power BI reporting and many more. Project101 Outlook add-in and hybrid mobile app for iOS/Android devices make it easy for employees to access and update project information on the go, without the need for any formal training. Project101 also deploys on SharePoint 2013/2017 on-premises and can be configured/customized to meet your organization’s PPM needs.

Contact us today or visit www.klstinc.com/project101 to learn more about Project101.

Program Portfolio and Project Management

Corporate “Cloud Office” Revolution

In 2017, some of KLST’s on-premises customers made the choice to move core collaboration and communications applications to Microsoft Cloud leveraging KLST Cloud Migration Services. As per Gartner – “In 2018, we expect 40% to 50% of business users to have moved their core collaboration and communications systems to cloud platforms. By 2021, more than 70% of businesses will be substantially provisioned with cloud office capabilities”. KLST was involved in over 50+ Cloud Migration and Hybrid Cloud setup projects this year, helping customers migrate specifically from SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 on-premises to SharePoint Online or upgrading to Hybrid SharePoint Server 2016+Online setup. KLST was also awarded the Microsoft GOLD Competency in both “Cloud Productivity” and “Cloud Platform” during 2017 based on positive customer references to Microsoft.

Contact us today or visit https://klstinc.com/microsoft-sharepoint-online-migration-approach to learn more about KLST Cloud Migration Services.

Microsoft Partner

Future of SharePoint is Bright

In 2017 Microsoft SharePoint, especially SharePoint Online gained momentum with 250,000 organizations, 85% of Fortune 500 companies and overall 60 percent of SharePoint seats are now online, reflecting the value customers see with SharePoint in Office 365. KLST SharePoint practice was really busy in 2017, delivering successfully over 100+ SharePoint projects across 3 geographies and doubling our global SharePoint team strength. KLST SharePoint team members specialize in building SharePoint customizations such as remote Microsoft Azure-hosted add-ins, client-side components and Single Page Applications (SPA) developed using SPFx, Angular 4, TypeScript, ReactJS that integrates with SharePoint via REST APIs. KLST SharePoint UX team has been busy updating the Responsive101 framework with the most up to date Microsoft recommended techniques to implement a responsive user interface on Office 365 SharePoint Online without the need to create custom SharePoint master pages.

Contact us today or visit www.klstinc.com/microsoft-sharepoint-klst-responsive101-web-design-framework to learn more about KLST Responsive101 framework.

Future of SharePoint is Bright

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