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Vendor101 – An Introduction

The Vendor101 SharePoint template provides your organization with a searchable, customizable, self-service vendor registration portal for vendor prequalification and communications. It also allows your organization to assess vendor capabilities, financial solvency, product/service quality & pricing, maintain all supplier information and documents, and measure & evaluate vendor performance, service levels & continuous improvement.

Contract Management Dashboard

Identify & Manage Vendor Risk Profile

Instant Access to Vendor Information

Vendor101 allows organizations to categorize vendors before assessing vendor risk, because not all vendors are the same. Some vendors may be categorized as tactical whilst others may be classed as strategic, because the enterprise has a high dependence on them, has high spending, and plans to increase business with the vendor over time.

Learn more about Vendor101 Design Approach

Request for Proposal Requests

Combined with the Request for Proposal, Sourcing and Contract Management capabilities, Vendor101 is your complete vendor collaboration system. Readily deployable on Microsoft SharePoint Online, you can be up and running Vendor101 in a few days.

  • Vendor Inquiry & registration Process Automation
  • Vendor Inquiry Questionnaire
  • Vendor Registration and Self Service
  • Vendor Approval Process
  • Vendor Risk Register
  • Vendor Billing and Invoicing Procedures
  • Simplified Experience – Vendor / Contract Dashboard
  • Contract Management (Incl. Contract Renewal Workflow)
  • Request for Proposal Process

Learn more about Vendor101 Design Approach

Simplified Vendor Selection

  • Ability to design the Vendor Inquiry Questionnaire (choose the mandatory fields based on product requirements)
  • Vendor Selection & Approval Workflow
  • Associate a Risk Profile (Organizational, Financial, Support and Strategy Risks) with each vendor
  • Track Vendor related documents in a centralized location (incl. Contracts)
  • Support Ongoing Supervision and Monitoring of Vendors

Personalized Dashboard

  • Vendor Dashboard to track all approved vendors and associated Risk Profile,
  • Procedures, Invoices, Contracts and Proposals.
  • Contract Dashboard to track all Vendor Contracts and associated Contract WIKI,
  • Items and Purchase Orders RFP Dashboard to track all open RFPs (requiring response)
  • Vendors requested to respond to RFP, Vendor Responses received and RFP
  • Response award (incl. support for SOW workflow)

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