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Improve Service Level Standards

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Case101 – An Introduction

Case101 SharePoint app allows service staff to interview Customers and save Customer responses on an electronic form securely using SharePoint site.On successful submission, a Customer Case form will be auto generated, pre-filled with Customer information as entered by Services Staff during the call – or via the Internet by the Customer authorized login.

The services staff will leverage the functionality offered by “Case101” SharePoint app to

  • Email the Customer pre-filled forms
  • Track Customer response
  • Track provision of third party information
  • Track third party response
  • Regularly update Customers with the status of the Case
KLST Case101

Technology at work for managing Customer Cases

Address Customer Cases Faster and Improve Service Levels

A large portion of Case submitted by Customers become problems because of an incorrect or incomplete notification or not all the relevant forms/doctors notices being submitted. This means rework and lengthy delays occur and an unhappy customer. The key objective is to ensure there is clear and concise information given to all stakeholders to ensure timely completion of the claim.

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KLST Case101

a new way to manage the case management for your company.

  • Automatic Case Provisioning
  • Automated Case Tracking
  • Predefined Tasks by Claim Type
  • Automatic Case Status Updates
  • Track Case Related Artefacts (Incl. Version Control)
  • Full Case Activity History
  • Track All Customer and Insurer
  • Communications Related To a Claim

Case101 – Cool Features

Task based case workflow

Automatically assign tasks to operators based on the Case Type. For example the call centre staff automatically is assigned a “Send Information Pack to Customer” task once the Customer questionnaire is completed and a Case Application is automatically created, pre-filled with Customer information.

  • Track Unassigned Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Completed Tasks and Tasks awaiting information from someone else
  • Task Alerts both on-screen and via emails for overdue tasks
  • Reassign Tasks by authorized manager
  • Collaborate with Insurer and other Third Parties via assigning Tasks and update Case Status based on Insurer Response

Personalized Dashboard

  • Track “My Open Cases” and associated tasks, documents, and issues
  • Track “Unassigned Cases”, Service Level Status and action case escalations
  • Track cases to action and communicate with involved parties

Predefined Case Templates

Communicate with your Customers instantly via pre-filled Case Forms based on the initial questionnaire with the sole objective to ensure there is clear and concise information given to the Customer to ensure the success of their Case first time

The capture of Customer information and the automatic creation of pre-populated Customer Case documents (by Case Type) will ensure that the right Customer information is captured for successful and quicker case closure.

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KLST Case101