KLST Case Study

Shipping & Logistics – KM Case Study

Shipping-Logistics-Case Study

Leading Shipping Company Transforms Operations and Increases Competitive Edge

SharePoint Server 2013 Intranet and Collaboration portal to streamline electronic content authoring, provide employees with on-demand, secure, easy, online access to corporate content, and to reduce communication costs.

Organization Size – 10,000+ employees

Organization Vertical – Shipping & Logistics

Platform – Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Challenge – A modern platform that could be used to unify communication and information across the enterprise and make it easier for employees to collaborate regardless of where they are (in the sea/land).

  • Unified Collaboration – An integrated solution using SharePoint as the document management and collaboration platform to build the Intranet Portal to manage enterprise content.
  • Improved Communication – A unified way to disseminate information from global HQ in Canada to over 15 global offices, to foster a corporate culture and identity
  • Ease of Use – Improved access to corporate information via powerful Enterprise Search driven User Interface.
  • Corporate Content Governance – Enforce Corporate Standards, Policies and Procedures via mapping of manual processes to automated business workflows and effective reporting on Service Level.
  • Improved employee visibility into operations with more information available – greater engagement
  • Cut content preparation time, staff and printing costs by half – reduced costs
  • More dynamic to accommodate last minute changes easily – more adaptive and up to date
  • Central repository for all corporate content, no paper copies – reduced risk and better regulatory compliance
  • Offline Review capability for Employees, especially on ships – convenient for remote connectivity
  • Extend reach of corporate data and reap benefits of internal knowledge stores – improved business insight
  • Opening up the lines of communication and streamlining workflows – better business agility

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