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Responsive UI – Client Success Sto​​​​ry

KLST has completed many successful SharePoint 2013 and more recently SharePoint 2019 Fully Responsive websites, helping organizations realize the full potential of SharePoint 2019 Web Content Management capabilities. Find below a recent case study where KLST was engaged to build a 100% Fluid Fully Responsive Extranet on the Microsoft SharePoint 2019 platform and deployed on Microsoft 365 (we have changed the name and industry of the client case study to protect its privacy)

Case Study – Leading Transportation Services Organization rolls out Fully Responsive Vendor Extranet using KLST Responsive101 Framework.

Key Client Challenge
  • Current SharePoint 2013 on-premises solution was not optimal for supporting mobile optimization..
  • Growing popularity of responsive design for web portals had begun to entice the attention of decision makers within the organization.
  • Overcome a significant barrier to entry in SharePoint 2013 requiring customers seeking to host extranet, intranet and web portals within the SharePoint environment to purchase separate licenses.
  • More than 50% of the client’s vendor were accessing information and filling forms using their mobile phone.
Our Solution
  • Scalability and Reliability: Microsoft 365 was able to handle easily the high traffic requirements and ever changing number of users on the new Extranet
  • Improved User Satisfaction and better Vendor Engagement: Given more than 50% of users were mobile, the new Responsive Extranet built on SharePoint 2019 and hosted on Microsoft 365 was received with lots of positive feedback from Day 1.
  • Reduced Costs: By running its site in Microsoft 365 hosted cloud environment, Client significantly reduced the cost of maintaining and expanding the Extranet.
  • Rapid, cost-effective development: Rapid cost effective development of Responsive Extranet using the power of SharePoint 2019 and KLST Responsive101 Framework.
Key Benefits
  • KLST built a single, integrated solution for Patient acquisition and on-boarding on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 running on the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system as the foundation for its new solution and Microsoft InfoPath 2010 and Custom Visual Studio based Workflows for business process management on SharePoint Server.
  • Custom data-driven workflows were developed to dramatically reduce the time, effort, and potential for error in processing and analyzing Patient Reports. It also automated communication with clinical trial sites, oncologists, and study sponsors, to further increase efficiencies and reduce turnaround times.
  • A Customization Plan ensured that any “bad code” and poorly thought out changes are phased out in agreement between IT and business stakeholders, especially those that could be risky to uptime and ongoing operational management of the SharePoint Intranet. Any new code was forced to undergo a structured quality assurance process.
  • Patient reports that pass automated, upfront error checks will be made available to oncologists via the web within minutes for review by oncologist and the results are automatically routed to the sponsors a few minutes later. Manual effort was limited to handling exceptions, which left clinical trial teams with more time to address the upstream causes of those errors. As Microsoft InfoPath forms are highly configurable with no development effort, business power users could modify the form as per new study requirements.