project 101

Project101 – An Introduction

Rapid deployment , Low investment , Easy to use , Production ready

Project101 Template provides an end-to-end overview of a strategic project (incl. projects managed by third parties), starting from project initiation workflow, document management (incl. WIKI support), tasks, issues, calendar, contacts, discussions, external resource scheduling support, project portfolio dashboard and executive views.

Operations and Product Management Teams can leverage the functionality offered by Project101 SharePoint accelerator to track product management initiatives (such as new products and services, as well as the changes to investment, insurance and fee options) and coordinate recurring tasks with internal and external parties (including. Risk Register) and synchronise with the ‘Governance Calendar’

The template is designed to make the job of a Product / Project / Administration Manager easier via the ability to securely manage the process of creating, publishing and delivering sensitive material related to delivery of key projects, products and/or strategic initiatives.

  • Centralised management of all information related to strategic project, product and / or initiative
  • Secured access to project documents on demand
  • Project initiation and approval management
  • Financial metrics and portfolio dashboard
  • Search project knowledge base and provide access to 3rd parties
  • Strategic project governance calendar management
  • Project governance task automation
  • Promote improved project content control, governance, transparency, security

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