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Announcing release of Legal101

NEW YORK (May 02, 2016) – Legal101 is an Intranet portal solution accelerator specifically designed for law firms looking for rapid deployment of a modern mobile-first SharePoint Intranet that helps the firm employees communicate, collaborate and engage closely without the need to build a complex, risky, expensive customized solution.

  • 2 Custom Master Page
  • 3 Page Layouts
  • Custom Navigation
  • Department Site Template
  • Office Site Template
  • Industry Site Template
  • Department Site Template
  • “FAQ” AppPart (with Likes)
  • “Firm Directory with Profile Previews” AppPart
  • “My Favorite Documents” AppPart
  • “I Want To” AppPart
  • “Office Locations Map” AppPart
  • “Key Contacts” AppPart
  • “Google Maps” AppPart
  • “Breadcrumb Navigation” AppPart
  • “Overview” AppPart
  • Responsive Design – Optimal Mobile & Tablet rendering
  • “Important Links” AppPart
  • “Events” AppPart
  • “Search Documents” AppPart
  • “Search this site” AppPart
  • “Calendar” AppPart
  • “News” AppPart
  • “Recent Wins” AppPart
  • “Case Studies” AppPart
  • “Policies & Procedures” AppPart
  • Customize HTML5/CSS3 markup and branding
  • “Local Weather” AppPart
  • “Featured Stories” AppPart
  • “Media Viewer” AppPart
  • “Google Analytics” Integration

Check out Legal101 microsite to review innovative features