KL Software Technologies Inc (KLST) announces Strategic Partnership with NGAGE Intelligence

KL Software Technologies Inc (KLST) announces Strategic Partnership with NGAGE Intelligence


Newark, NJ – April 29, 2024 – KL Software Technologies (KLST), a leading provider of Generative AI-Powered products for the Law Firms and General Counsels is glad to announce a transformative partnership with NGAGE Intelligence, a provider of an enterprise-class behavioral analytics toolset for Intranets/Client Portals built on SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online/Teams.

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for both companies. With KLST’s expertise in SharePoint Consulting services and NGAGE Intelligence’s robust analytics toolset for SharePoint-based intranets, this collaboration is poised to deliver unparalleled innovation and value to our legal industry customers.

 KLST successfully integrated the NGAGE Intelligence analytics tool into the SharePoint Online intranet environment of an international 2000+ attorney law firm, a significant step towards optimizing their intranet experience.
They now have deep insights into how users engage with content, search, collaborate and navigate within their SharePoint environment and invaluable data for improving efficiency and productivity. With NGAGE Intelligence, this firm can now make informed decisions to enhance user experience and drive better outcomes across their organization.

This partnership focuses on enhancing efficiency, scalability, and performance in SharePoint intranet builds for clients. It emphasizes collaboration, shared expertise, and forward-thinking solutions to meet market demands in the legal sector.

Paul Henry, CEO of NGAGE says ‘This is such a natural partnership for us. Our strength is in providing comprehensive analytics for the kind of innovative, sophisticated intranets and client portals that KLST builds. We teamed up with them very successfully at a 5,000-employee law firm to deliver a measurably successful intranet. And I’m now looking forward to sharing many more customers.

“KL Software Technologies is thrilled to embark on an exciting partnership with NGAGE Intelligence, as we unlock powerful SharePoint usage analytics for our mutual clients.”, says Ragav Jagannathan, President & Group CEO of KL Software Technologies Inc., “Together, we amplify our mutual strengths in building robust collaborative solutions on Microsoft SharePoint and Teams with unparalleled analytics experience.”


KL Software Technologies Inc is a global leader in building modern digital workplace solutions for Law Firms. KLST has successfully worked with over 22+ AM Law firms, 30+ mid-sized firms, and General counsels of several Fortune 100 companies worldwide. KLST group innovations include products like KLapper – A Generative AI -Powered Virtual Assistant www.klapper.ai , netDocShare – Access NetDocuments content in Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive for Business, imDocShare – Access iManage Work Server / iManage Cloud content in SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive & Web apps, and Legal101 – A modern digital workplace platform (Intranet portal) in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online. For more details, visit https://klstinc.com/whyklstforlegal/

About NGAGE Intelligence

NGAGE Intelligence offers an enterprise-class behavioral analytics toolset for Intranets and Client Portals, compatible with both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online/Teams environments. The return-on-investment hinges on user adoption and engagement, which in turn depends on effective design and management. NGAGE helps organizations achieve measurable success by identifying less engaged segments, overlooked content, and suboptimal functionality early on, allowing for timely interventions and continuous improvement. For more details, visit https://www.ngageintelligence.com/ngage-for-sharepoint-online/

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