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SharePoint 2019 Enterprise Search QuickStart Program

Search101 – SharePoint 2019 Enterprise Search QuickStart Program

Search in SharePoint 2019 enables users to find relevant information more quickly and easily than ever before and makes it easy for Search administrators to customize the search experience. It also provides several API sets for more advanced customizations and solutions. KLST “Search101 QuickStart Program” includes the following services:

  • Can be used when the customer has already purchase SharePoint 2016 / 2019 Enterprise Search software license or looking for guidance on search product choices, including the applicability of open-source alternatives.
  • KLST’s very own Microsoft Valuable Professionals, who are industry renowned SharePoint 2019 Search Experts, will produce a detailed assessment report providing clear recommendations about SharePoint 2019 Enterprise search application design, implementation, or improvement strategies.

Search101 – SharePoint 2019 Enterprise Search QuickStart Program

Find below a list of common customer use cases for choosing the KLST Search101 Program of Work:

  • Get your Search Project back on track.
  • Difficult to find good technical resources with proven SharePoint 2019 Search experience.
  • Crawl and Query Processes.
  • An end-end Enterprise Search Strategy and Infrastructure Audit to better align Search outcomes/features to key business goals.
  • Maximize ROI via effectively using the SharePoint 2019 Search Infrastructure to meet envisioned business goals and priorities.
  • Reusable Plans for future reference that will help with easy on-boarding of new Search Solutions that may be built on SharePoint 2019.

Search101 Program of Work Costs

KLST Search101 Program costs are highly competitive, typically fixed-price, and have a pre-defined duration. Please contact us for details.