KLST Enterprise Search

SharePoint Sear​ch Administration as Service

Implementing SharePoint Enterprise Search is just the first step in improving content accessibility and promote increased team collaboration as the end goal is to implement an Enterprise Search solution that can be easily managed and administered. Ongoing administrative tasks have to be performed to ensure the SharePoint Enterprise Search environment runs smoothly and efficiently. Proactive steps must be planned and completed to reduce Search downtime and improve performance and relevancy of results returned.
KLST understands that Enterprise Search is the hub for organization-wide knowledge sharing, communication, and collaboration. Even a minimum downtime to Search will result in loss of productivity and revenue. Armed with this information KLST offers Remote SharePoint Search Administration as a Service that will help you reduce your IT costs and will alleviate Search downtime and performance issues.

Why use KLST SharePoint Search Administration as Service?

With SharePoint 2013, the enterprise search capabilities are dramatically different and very exciting. However, SharePoint Enterprise Search Administration can pose its own challenges in terms of downtime, lack of skilled or qualified resources, poor relevancy, and ranking of search results, etc. KLST Remote SharePoint Search Administration Service provides the following benefits:

  • Improved Performance and better-matched search results.
  • Reduced Downtime with Planned Predictable maintenance schedules.
  • Low Ongoing maintenance costs due to cost-effective KLST SharePoint Enterprise Search Administrators who only work as required.
  • We take full responsibility for all aspects of the Enterprise Search Services application in SharePoint. This gives your key IT staff complete freedom to focus on core IT business priorities.
  • We take total responsibility for existing SharePoint 2007 or 2010 Enterprise Search systems, even if they are existing issues. As a part of our service, we will review the current Search Strategy, Design, Implementation, and measure performance as well as address outstanding issues.