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Haribabu Pasupathy

Vice President – Digital Services


Diverse IT Expertise:
Haribabu Pasupathi stands at the forefront of the IT industry, with over 22 years of hands-on experience in envisioning and executing efficient technology solutions. A master in Azure Enterprise Architecture, he has supported numerous clients in harnessing the potential of cloud services to meet diverse business needs.

In-Depth Technical Skills:
Haribabu wields a comprehensive toolkit of programming languages, including C#, Python, and PHP, as well as proficiency in JavaScript frameworks Angular and React, to craft robust applications and seamless user interfaces. His database management skills are evident in his adept use of MSSQL and MongoDB, enabling him to manage complex data architectures with ease.

OpenAI & ChatGPT Prowess:
As an expert in leading-edge OpenAI technologies, including the highly versatile ChatGPT, Haribabu is adept at developing applications that incorporate advanced AI language models. His specialization in ChatGPT application development translates into powerful, contextually aware tools that can converse, assist, and provide deep insights—transforming the way businesses interact with users.

Chatbot Innovation & Cognitive Services:
A distinguished expert in building AI-driven experiences, Haribabu boasts a specialization in creating intelligent chatbots using Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services. These custom chatbot solutions enhance user interactions, drive customer engagement, and provide businesses with smart response systems.

DevOps & Collaboration Platforms:
With profound knowledge in Azure DevOps, Haribabu enhances team agility and institutes streamlined workflows for continuous integration and deployment. His SharePoint implementations reflect his ability to optimize content management and collaboration, tailoring platforms to elevate organizational productivity.

Effective Communication & Leadership:
Known for his exceptional communication, Haribabu excels at distilling complex concepts for diverse audiences, enhancing project comprehension, and driving cross-functional teamwork. He leverages his robust IT knowledge and collaborative spirit to lead successful technology initiatives that align with strategic business objectives.

As a pillar of knowledge and experience, Haribabu Pasupathi continues to contribute to the IT landscape, delivering high-quality solutions with professionalism and a forward-thinking approach.