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Featured Experts – Helen Sheeba

Helen Sheeba

Vice President – Digital Strategy


Helen is a client-centric digital programs strategist with GTM (Go-To-Market) execution, and has more than a decade experience in the IT Services, and Products Industries across diverse global markets such as India, South America, the UK, and the US. Currently serving at KLST, she holds a key leadership role, responsible for innovating strategies to maintain the brand’s relevance in a dynamic landscape. She plays a pivotal role in driving the integration of technology and digital solutions to achieve business objectives, enhance client satisfaction, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving IT landscape.

Helen is distinguished as a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional, reflecting her commitment to implementing comprehensive strategies and standards for Digital Programs with a focus on efficiency and quality. In addition to her Six Sigma certification, she has acquired a range of certifications in key areas, including Digital Marketing, Instructional Design, Content Marketing Strategy, and ID for eLearning. These certifications showcase her dedication to staying current with industry trends and adopting best practices in the fields of marketing and instructional design.

Helen is involved in directing strategic brand initiatives, refining market positioning, and leading a team dedicated to external brand strategy. Her key responsibilities include managing brand creative evolution, overseeing external communications, and identifying partnership opportunities. She also encompasses project management, involving collaboration with internal teams, clients, and vendors, as well as ensuring consistency in messaging and alignment among stakeholders. Helen is tasked with directing external communication, supporting public relations efforts, overseeing paid media strategy, and serving as a company spokesperson.

Helen uses her business intelligence in establishing and monitoring brand metrics, partnering with the relevant key technology partners, and setting KPIs for measuring brand initiative effectiveness. Her strategic leadership aspect involves planning, executing, and synthesizing corporate and marketing strategies, maintaining partnerships, and fostering collaboration with senior leadership. Additionally, Helen is involved in in client relations and business development, working with marketing leadership to drive methodologies for marketing support.

Overall, Helen focuses on generating new ideas through creative strategy and staying abreast of industry trends and opportunities.

Some of her key expertise areas include:

  • Strategic Digital Programs Management
  • Strategic Digital Marketing Execution & Branding
  • Demand Generation and Sales Enablement
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Project Management