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Recent Client Success Story

Legal and Professional Industry – Recent Client Success Story

KLST has completed many successful SharePoint 2013 and more recently SharePoint 2019 portals and business solutions for the Legal and Professional Services industry, helping Law Firms realize the full potential of SharePoint 2019 Document Management, Search and Business Intelligence capabilities. Find below a recent case study where KLST was engaged to build a Knowledge Management site based on Microsoft SharePoint 2019 platform (we have changed the name and industry of the client case study to protect its privacy)

Case Study – AMLaw 100 Law Firm Improved Employee Efficiency and Boosts Employee Performance with Innovative Knowledge Management solution.

Key Client Challenges 
  • Finding and connecting expertise – Difficulty in making real-time connections with experts inhibits value delivery and slows decision making. Professional turnover and an aging workforce can make finding the right resource even more difficult.
  • Rapidly construct proposals, pitch books, and other standard marketing responses.
  • Too much information, not enough context – It’s hard to find relevant case information without reliable sources, duplication and content silos. Lawyers may make better use of information when the information is organized effectively.
  • Common insights – Geographic distances and conflicting taxonomies impede collaboration between teams and across organizations. For example, in construction, a “Framed Roof” in one part of an organization may mean “Rafters” in another part of the organization.
  • Secure information sharing – Content leakage and ineffective retention poses a risk for the firm. Content needs to be protected as records with flexible compliance tools to handle multiple schemes for retention, disposition, and legal holds.
Our Solution 
  • SharePoint 2019 was chosen as the platform to help build the collaboration environment, integrated with Microsoft Lync 2010 and Office 2010
  • SharePoint 2019, Office 2010 and Open XML was chosen to automate the creation of proposals, pitch books, and other standard marketing responses as well as share documents within the authoring environment.
  • Configured SharePoint 2019 social collaboration tools such as personal sites, team sites, newsfeeds, wiki sites, forums, and blogs to promote employee “social” collaboration as well as promote “expert” connections.
  • SharePoint 2019 Enterprise Search to improve the ability to find relevant content and experts including support for Document preview, Federated search and People Search
Key Benefits
  • Improve Employee Collaboration: SharePoint 2019 based Knowledge Management site promoted a social collaboration environment, and reduced organization’s dependence on paper as well as an innovative work environment where employees can share information effectively and efficiently.
  • High Performance Workforce: By organizing information with content management tools in SharePoint 2019, the organization expects to reduce paper storage by 90 percent and meet its ambitious paper reduction goals by 2014. For example, the organization now delivers a new value added services to its customers via its WIKI knowledge base managed in SharePoint 2019.
  • Social Corporate Network: Employees could use social technologies to tap the expertise available in their teams and across the organization, using PCs or mobile devices to communicate with colleagues and share information anytime anywhere.
  • Reduce Proposal Creation Time: An Integration Solution allows firms to cut proposal generation time by 50% by automatically creating proposal leveraging knowledge in SharePoint and managing the Lead-Prospect-Client lifecycle in Interaction CRM.