KLST Salesforce

Salesforce Case Study

KLST helped a global telecommunications organization empower its employees to work smarter using Narrow AI Bots and Machine Learning.

Case Study – Build a Smarter Digital Workforce.

Key Client challenge
  • Improve Data Relevancy – To make good decisions, solution architects, sales executives, marketers, product developers, and executives all needed quick access to data stored in multiple line of business systems to quickly respond to new customer opportunities, submit winning RFPs and access subject matter experts.
  • Integrate with third-party data – staff could determine what’s going on with our products at various suppliers, partners how they compared to other competitors, where we should grow, and many other insights.
  • Central Repository – Employees needed help to make sense of proliferating data.
Our Solution
  • Intelligent Bots – To help staff understand and access data securely anywhere anytime.
  • Intelligent Voice app – Ability to search multiple Line of Business data using REST API using just voice to get back a summarized view of the exact and best bet matched results.
  • Power BI Reporting – Rich Dashboards and Reports provided on-demand intelligence to sales force, marketing managers, product managers as required.
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure HDInsight – One View of enterprise data bought together from multiple sources.
Key Benefits
  • Powerful business insights and analytics on the go, especially for sales force and marketers.
  • Centralized Data repository provides a consolidated all-in-one enterprise data view.
  • Intelligent bots means users are spending less time searching and more time making sound business decisions.