Why KLST for Mobility Services?

KL Software Technologies specializes in envision, define, design, and build mobile applications and websites. Our experts help you with clearly articulating your enterprise mobile strategy. which can be easily rolled out and managed by corporate IT. Once your enterprise mobile architecture is in place, we understand your needs for developing apps and mobile-ready websites and we also help with the build of such initiatives using a hybrid development team comprised of Industry experts from the USA, Australia, UK, and India. Our experts are experienced yet cost-effective, reducing your development time and costs while making it easier to rapidly create a high-quality app that will meet your business needs. We also take advantage of Industry recommended user experience guidelines and design patterns to make it easier to design an app that’s attractive and easy to use. Some of the key advantages of engaging KLST expertise to build rich apps are:

  • KLST has defined a set of best practices aligned with Microsoft User experience guidelines to design apps that provide a consistent, elegant, and compelling experience. We also offer advice for working with app-specific design features (such as layout) and individual controls (such as the ListView).
  • KLST uses Design patterns for designing common app user interface features, such as navigation, commanding, touch interaction, advertising, and branding.
  • KLST uses “easy-to-use” APIs that simplify app layout and presentation. We design your app user interface by using the designer in Microsoft Visual Studio or Blend for Visual Studio, as well as direct editing HTML or XAML.