Blockchain Services

Imagine being able to use a payment reconciliation service as an online travel booking site or Clearing and settling payments and securities as a major bank! Blockchain technology can revolutionize business practices within the above industries and many more. KLST Blockchain Consulting Services include:

  • Exploratory Workshops & Feasibility Study – KLST designs a customized blockchain workshop based on your industry needs that demonstrates the viability of the blockchain technology and ROI. Some of the key engagement activities include Functional/Technical Scoping, Vendor Solution Evaluation, Proof-of-Concept, Change Impact and a Blockchain Implementation Roadmap with Sprints..
  • Blockchain Implementation Roadmap with Sprints – KLST can assist with the development of blockchain technology based product tailored to your business requirements. KLST has worked with Microsoft Azure to cut development time, iterate and validate blockchain scenarios quickly by using built-in connections to Azure and familiar development tools.