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Introduction to “Napa” Microsoft365 Development Tools

Introduction to “Napa” Microsoft 365 Development Tools

“Napa” Microsoft 365 Development Tools is a developer experience centered around the idea of developing on the cloud. By acquiring a developer Microsoft 365 account, you get access to a development environment that’s available from your browser and the ability to create projects you can save and open later. You can virtually code from any machine without having to install or download anything. “Napa” was created as a “getting started” tool for developing apps for Office and SharePoint. KLST has good experience with “NAPA” tools to quickly build apps and help users get familiar with the apps for Office and SharePoint. We recommend the following steps to start building apps by using the “Napa” Microsoft 365 Development Tools:

  • Create an account in Microsoft 365 Developer Site. Click here to learn more.
  • Install “Napa” Microsoft 365 Development Tools to your Developer Site.
  • Develop Apps using Napa Microsoft 365 Development Tools.
  • (Optional) Open your Napa Solution in Visual Studio for advanced customization.