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Modern Intranet – Delivering enhanced employee experiences during the COVID-19 era

Intranet – a great tool for team collaboration

An intranet is a virtual hub that enables an organization’s internal communication and collaboration. Industries, including legal, rely on the quick discovery of the information; hence many legal firms are rapidly adopting intranets. Law firm intranet is a gateway for an organization to create a complete and auditable digital workplace where lawyers can share knowledge, experiences, and other important announcements. Having a transparent platform is key for effective teamwork and secure document sharing. Intranet empowers law firms with centralized access to tools and information, which lawyers need to complete their tasks.

Intranet modernization to support remote workers
The COVID-19 crisis has led to a sudden transition to remote working, forcing nearly 87% of law offices to work remotely. This has significantly increased the importance of the corporate intranet in the legal industry to strengthen the digital workplace.

Traditional intranets during the COVID-19 outbreak often fail to meet the expectations of remote workers, making it crucially important for law firms to modernize their intranets. Traditional intranets often come with a “one size fits all” model, which makes it an expensive tool for the legal industry.

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