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Recent Client Success Story

Windows Applicaion Development – Recent Client Success Story

KLST has completed many successful Windows 10 apps including our very own Windows app Annotate101, helping organizations realize the full potential of the Windows 10 app development model. Find below a recent case study where KLST was engaged to build a Windows 10 app (we have changed the name and industry of the client case study to protect its privacy)

Case Study – Leading Global Systems Integrator reduced App Development time by 50 Percent and expects huge growth in new Windows 10 Platform

Key Client Challenges –

  • Lack of a consistent development environment that will help achieve growth.
  • The use of open-source tools to develop a mixed bag of iOS and Android apps for internal organizational use posed unique challenges related to maintainability.
  • Longer development times were observed when using Open Source tools.

Key Benefits –

  • One Integrated Platform: Client users were thrilled to get full access to the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite on their Surface Tablets to read and edit Microsoft Office documents from within their new Windows App.
  • Improved User Satisfaction and better Sales Governance: Given more than 50% of users were mobile, the new Sales app received lots of positive feedback from day 1.
  • Reduced Costs: By completing the first version of the app within 4 weeks, KLST greatly reduced the upfront investment in the apps and helped build a business case for “user adoption based investment”.
  • Rapid, cost-effective development: Rapid cost-effective development of Windows 10 Apps using KLST’s proven app development process.