KLST - Sharepoint Customization

Simple to Complex

There’s a range of possible customizations and solutions you can achieve for SharePoint Online sites with Microsoft 365 or with SharePoint on-premises, extending from basic browser-based customizations to developer-created applications (apps). KLST has extensive experience with SharePoint customizations from Simple to Complex customizations as listed below:


  • Simple Customization using the browser: KLST can use browser-based settings for simpler customizations like changing title and logo, updating navigation links, applying a new site theme, changing the contents of a page, or changing views for lists and libraries. Browser-based customizations are the easiest customizations, and they require minimal technical expertise.
  • Customization using supported tools and applications:
    KLST can use supported SharePoint tools to perform more extensive customizations. For example, Office applications like Access 2013, Excel 2013, and Visio 2013 help you create highly dynamic, data-rich pages on your SharePoint site. You can even create a SharePoint app as a no-code solution by using Access 2013. You can also use Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 and Microsoft InfoPath 2013 to create powerful workflow-enabled solutions and rich forms.
  • Complex Customization using apps for SharePoint:
    Using the new Cloud App Model in SharePoint 2013 KLST can envision, design, build, and deploy use apps on SharePoint Online sites and SharePoint App Store. Apps are small, easy-to-use web applications that perform tasks or solve user needs. You can add apps to your site to customize it with specific functionality or to display information. For example, we can build an app that performs general tasks like time and expense tracking. Or we can add build apps that perform various document-based tasks. We can also build apps that display news or information from third-party websites or that connect to social websites. KLST can help customize your SharePoint site using a combination of Third Party Apps from the SharePoint App Store, custom-built apps, or a combination of both. KLST can build custom apps using any of your preferred programming language, such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, or .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 as the web development tool, and “Napa” Microsoft 365 Development Tools.