why klst

Artificial Intelligence

KLST develops powerful AI bots that users can easily interact with using Natural Language to get answers to questions. KLST AI team develops Bots using LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligence Service), Azure Bot Service (powered by Microsoft Bot Framework), .NET/NodeJS and REST endpoint integration with SharePoint, Salesforce, SAP and other enterprise software.  Learn more


SharePoint Responsive Web Apps

SharePoint Responsive web design allows users to look at their Intranet site like a fluid grid. The fluid, dynamic grid adapts itself to fit the information in display resolutions as different as those in a phone, a tablet, and a full desktop monitor, and therefore allows a great overall user experience.  Learn more


Hybrid Mobile apps

Hybrid mobile apps are like any other apps, with the key difference being, they are hosted inside a native application that utilizes a mobile platform’s WebView. They app can be created, developed once and deployed across various platforms – without having the necessity to target a single native OS.  Learn more


ConnectORG – Enterprise Social Network

Enterprise Social networking platform that connects enterprise people to
Community, projects, ideas, knowledge and resources to get the work done at one place Learn more


Project101 – Simplified Project Management

Project101 is designed to make the job of a Product / Project / Administration Manager easier via the ability to securely manage the process of creating, publishing and delivering sensitive material related to delivery of key projects, products and/or strategic initiatives.
Learn more


Intranet101 – Enterprise Communication Network

Intranet101 by KL Software Technologies (KLST) is the enterprise communication networking platform that connects enterprise people to Community, projects, ideas, Knowledge and resources to get the work done at one place.  Learn more


BlockChain Technology

Imagine being able to use a payment reconciliation service as an online travel booking site or Clearing and settling payments and securities as a major bank! Blockchain technology can revolutionize business practices within the above industries and many more.  Learn more


Salesforce crm

KLST delivers engaging digital experiences using Salesforce to help drive smarter business decisions and accelerate creation of new business opportunities. KLST specializes in configuration and development on the latest Salesforce Lightning platform with deep expertise in Lightning Process Builder and Einstein to build intelligent processes and campaigns.  Learn more


Internet of Things – Intranet in Pocket

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fuelling “Hot on the market” innovation, where companies across various vertical industries recognize the potential transformation enabled through connectivity. KLST offers development of innovative IoT solutions in the form of Enterprise IoT and Smart Systems.  Learn more


Virtual Reality

KLST offers the development of apps for Microsoft HoloLens to let you connect, create, and explore in mixed reality – based on the requirements and compatibility.



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