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Vendor101 – Vendor Management

Simplified Vendor Selection Process

Automate the Vendor Inquiry and Registration process by allowing potential vendors to self-register online based on invitation and support a vendor approval process to select pre-approved vendors by Risk profile.

  • Ability to design the Vendor Inquiry Questionnaire (choose the mandatory fields based on product requirements)
  • Vendor Selection & Approval Workflow
  • Associate a Risk Profile (Organisational, Financial, Support and Strategy Risks) with each vendor
  • Track Vendor related documents in a centralised location (incl. Contracts)
  • Support Ongoing Supervision and Monitoring of Vendors

The true purpose of the Vendor101 is to maintain quality vendors and relationships with those vendors to operate efficiently via tracking documentation. Effectively store the risk analysis document at the time a decision is made to engage a vendor, Store documents related to due diligence performed and maintain up-to-date versions of the contracts.

Personalised Dashboard

Personalised Dashboard for tracking all approved vendors and contracts

  • Vendor Dashboard to track all approved vendors and associated Risk Profile, Procedures, Invoices, Contracts and Proposals.
  • Contract Dashboard to track all Vendor Contracts and associated Contract WIKI, Items and Purchase Orders
  • REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Dashboard to track all open RFPs (requiring response), Vendors requested to respond to REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL, Vendor Responses received and REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Response award (incl. support for SOW workflow)

Check out Vendor101 microsite to review innovative features