Board101 – Cool Features

Board101 helps in making key strategic decisions whilst having access to the most up to date corporate information, anywhere, anytime and offline.Board101 is also designed to make the job of a Company Secretary easier via automated creation, publishing and delivery of Board Packs, Meeting Minutes and sharing sensitive material related to improving Board efficiencies and track key initiatives.

  • Company Secretary’s perspective – From a Company Secretary’s perspective Board101 delivers a document management and meeting workspace tool that simplifies management of meetings and distributions of Board Papers, via:
    • Setup Recurring Board and Committee Meetings
    • Manage Apologies
    • Manage Internal and External Board contacts
    • Manage Board Reference material
    • Manage Minutes and Assign/Track Action Items
    • Archive Board Papers and remove from Mobile Access for Board Members on some past papers
    • Manage Granular permissions on meetings and board documents associated with the meeting (restrict access to a group of people or individuals)
  • Board Member’s perspective – From a Board Member’s perspective, Board101 provides easy access, greater visibility and better collaboration to Board Members via quick “one-touch” access to Board Papers in Offline mode, securely annotate on their mobile device such as Apple iPad / Microsoft Surface / Android Tablet (with the option to backup annotated copies to the Board101 portal), Review Minutes as well as:
    • Manage annotations electronically with the ability to bookmark key pages in the Board Pack for easy access during meetings.
    • Share reviews on the key documents with other Board Members prior to/during the meeting.
    • Securely access anywhere/anytime Board papers and review as and when required in Offline mode.
    • Search previous meeting documents.
    • Instantly contact other Board members including the ability to place a phone/Skype call (if using an iPhone) from within the app.
    • In-App Security provides Board Members with full annotation tools right within the Board101 iOS6 app and restricts Board Members from opening Board Documents in a different app as well as prevents unauthorized emailing of Board documents. Optionally the Locally saved annotated copies can be set to automatically delete when Board Members exit the Board101 application.

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