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KLST Internship Program (KLIP)

Have you ever thought about pursuing a technical career in computer science or engineering? Here’s your chance to experience the exciting field of software development as a freshman or sophomore. You don’t want to waste your summer making a widget that will never see the light of day. At KLST your projects matter and your team will be counting on your skills and insights.

Explore KLST’s 16-week summer Internship program that is specifically designed for college freshmen and sophomores that offers the opportunity to experience working at KLST. This program is designed to expose students to the field of software development and encourage students to pursue degrees in computer science, computer engineering, or related technical disciplines through hands-on training and group project experience.

Candidates can be a graduate, freshman or sophomore enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program with a demonstrated interest in majoring in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or related technical major. Students must have completed an Introduction to Computer Science course (or equivalent class) as well as one semester of calculus (or equivalent) by the start of the program. Finalists will be selected on the basis of eligibility and demonstrated interest in the software industry. All candidates who meet the above criteria may apply at careers@klstinc.com.