Board101 – An I​​ntroduction

Mobile and Tablet Ready, Rapid Deployment, Easy to Use, Low Investment

Board101 Solution streamlines Board Management via the ability to read Board Papers on your Mobile / Tablet, including read meeting minutes, allows Company Secretary to automatically create Board pack (grouped by agenda), task management, issue tracking, KPI reporting around board initiatives, board meeting rating and continuous improvement, support for electronic discussions prior to and/or after meetings.

Board Directors and Executives will leverage the functionality offered by Board101 to access essential company material on demand, anytime and anywhere securely via the Internet, annotate and save comments electronically on the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet or Microsoft Surface Slate, while securely share their comments with our board members.


This helps in making key strategic decisions whilst having access to the most up to date corporate information, anywhere, anytime and offline.Board101 is also designed to make the job of a Company Secretary easier via automated creation, publishing and delivery of Board Packs, Meeting Minutes and sharing sensitive material related to improving Board efficiencies and track key initiatives.

Board101 - Automatic Board Pack Creation

MAKE board packs at the push of a button and deliver task automation

A large portion of the time is spent assembling the key documents by Board Meeting agenda and then printing is automated by grouping all related documents in the board pack by agenda along with the ability to batch print, bookmark and page number the final board pack. Even better is the ability to incorporate last minute edits and inserts without the need to recreate and republish the Board Pack. This helps in reducing the number of days to prepare for the Board Meetings. The Board Papers can be made available to mobile and tablet devices such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Microsoft Surface for board members to review and annotate electronic versions as well as share their reviews with other board members by saving back to the portal through the iPad.

Board101 - Publish Meeting Minutes for Instant Review

Instantly Publish Meeting Minutes for Review and Approval

Create a Meeting Minutes word document based on your corporate document template that populates key values from Board Event automatically in the document. Also a simple approval workflow allows the Chair to electronically approve the document which triggers email alerts to all Board members reminding them that the minutes are ready for their review on their mobile or tablet device.

Board Members are able to share instant reviews on Meeting Minutes whilst being able to securely access Meeting Minutes on their Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface or Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The ability to search previous meeting minutes and board documents (including archived packs on-demand – an optional feature) allow Board members to make decisions based on facts and historical trends.


Board Members are also able to instantly contact board member via multiple communication channels like phone, email, Skype, Apple Face-time and Microsoft Lync. Some other features include Sending Apologies, View rollup of Board and Committee Meetings, Board/Committee Papers, Meeting Minutes, Action Items in one place (either on the tablet device or PC).

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