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Democratization of Generative AI within Law Firms 2023 Copy

KL Software Technologies Inc. achieved remarkable growth in 2023, surpassing headcount and revenue targets by over 30%. This marked the first year of exceeding growth thresholds, with expansions in revenue, headcount, customer acquisition, and client relationships. KLST focused on integrating Generative AI technology, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, into its key products to empower law firms securely access firm intelligence anywhere.

Heading into 2024, KLST will continue to engage with both new and existing law firm clients to help democratize the use of Generative AI and reinvent the way work is done in a law firm while improving existing processes. Through our software subsidiary KLoBot, we plan to launch an all-new Legal Do-It-Yourself Chatbot Builder platform that will seamlessly and securely connect to firm’s time and billing app, experience management app, custom SQL databases, and even custom-built apps, extract intelligence and provide “intelligence anywhere” access to attorneys across their favorite devices and apps using just their voice or text.

I express my gratitude to everyone for choosing KLST as their trusted service provider, vendor, partner, and employer in the year 2023.

SharePoint Experts trusted by 22+ AM LAW Firms!

“KLST is very reliable and extremely knowledgeable about SharePoint and Intranet applications. KLST worked with us around cost restraints and provided the technical experience we needed to complete our projects. I highly recommend them.”

Kathlyn Schweyer -
Director of Knowledge Management and Information Research
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KLST is the leading vendor when it comes to working with Law firms to custom build modern digital workplace platform using Microsoft 365 Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online infrastructure. KLST completed its 18th custom Law Firm Intranet portal just within the last 2 years alone and is very proud to work with 22+ Am Law Firms and over 30+ mid-sized firms.

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