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Microsoft365 Migration Approach

Microsoft 365 Migration Approach

KLST has helped organizations worldwide to migrate to Microsoft 365. Anyone who has conducted an email migration knows how painful it can be. For most organizations, email is the mission-critical application. Users notice immediately if it isn’t available, and email downtime has a massive, negative impact on productivity. There’s a significant risk of data loss in a migration, too, which is obviously something you can avoid by using a robust migration approach and tools.

The difference with migrating to a cloud-based environment (as compared to on-premises) is that you are moving across to a known and tested service. As the migration process has been exhaustively tested by Microsoft and thousands of customers who have already moved, our approach takes a more accelerate approach to migration. The main phases of the KLST Microsoft 365 Migration Approach are:

  • Pilot Phase –
    Once you have completed your initial assessment using Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit, just set up an account and migrate a few pilot users onto the new Microsoft 365 platform. The Key is to have the pilot group of users start using Microsoft 365 and provide feedback regularly.
  • Deployment Phase –
    • Move your users seamlessly from Pilot to Deployment Phase
    • Plan for Exchange Online Coexistence (using Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard) or Full Migration
    • Determine Directory Synchronization needs
    • Plan and deploy Lync Online, SharePoint Online, and Office Professional Plus.
  • Enhancement and Support Phase –
    • Plan enabling extra features such as Enterprise Single Sign on (SSO)
    • Plan for Hybrid SharePoint (if coexistence was chosen during Deployment Phase) and Hybrid Lync.
    • Provide ongoing support to users