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Media & Entertainment

KLST delivers comprehensive Technology solutions assisting the Media and Entertainment sectors in accelerating Digital Transformation.  KLST software+services enable some of the leading Media & Entertainment companies worldwide to provide personalized customer experiences and stay ahead of digital trends. 

Key benefits of using KLST Consulting Services and Product offerings specifically designed for Media and Entertainment Sectors are as follows: 

Application Development 

We have helped global leaders within the Sports, Media & Entertainment industry with robust IT solutions for Game & Arena ManagementGame Live video streaming software, Game simulation mobile apps, AI chatbots, and Augmented Reality experiences.  

Our expertise in both .NET, Full Stack (SEAN / MEAN stack). Application Development and Media Analytics have helped Sports, Media & Entertainment companies transform from traditional broadcasting to a rapid digital distribution model with our custom apps. 

Cloud-enabled Solutions   

We leverage the benefits of Microsoft 365 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build cloud-first, mobile-first customer-centric solutions that is currently helping leading Sports, Media & Entertainment companies worldwide connect with their audience via personalized content delivery. Our expertise in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services deployment ensures enhanced cloud-first security of media content and costeffectiveness. We have developed Microsoft Azure, and AWS hosted micro-services driven apps and geared up their Digital Transformation. 

Mobility Solutions 

KLST team specializes in building mobile, social and context-driven hybrid and native applications for our Sports, Media & Entertainment industry clients using development platforms such as Microsoft Xamarin, Kony, and Ionic.   

Content Collaboration Solutions 

KLST specializes in implementing Cloud-first collaboration solutions, including Intranets and Client Extranets built using Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce LightningOur solutions enable our Sports, Media & Entertainment industry clients to securely create, distribute, and manage content in a connected environment. Our integration solutions built using SharePoint, Salesforce, .NET, SEAN, and MEAN stack; helps our clients significantly accelerate digital transformation. 

Artificial Intelligence Solutions 

KLST has deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities leveraging AI platforms like Microsoft Azure Bot Framework, Google Dialog, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana to develop intelligent chatbots and voice-enabled virtual assistants for Sports, Media & Entertainment industry clients. Our AI-enabled voice bots enable our clients to provide instant responses and personalized content delivery to their end customers such as news, music, video streaming, game updates, and much more.