KLST Artificial Intelligence


Narrow Artificial Intelligence

klst-ai-servicesKLST AI consulting services blends deep expertise in Microsoft Azure Bot Framework, Azure machine learning, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Internet of Things (IoT) Suite to develop “intelligent” apps. These AI apps extend operational and enterprise applications with artificial intelligence for intuitive conversational interfaces and “intelligent” automation.

  • Transaction Intelligence & Process Automation – KLST develops intelligent agents and bots to discover patterns, use machine learning to process big data, and learn from past events to recommend approaches, predict risks, automate tasks and assist with making key business decisions.
  • LUIS, Cortana and Alexa Voice & Text apps – KLST works with both LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligence Service), Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa to process speech-to-text and text-to-speech interactions between humans and machines, especially to develop voice-based assistants delivered across intranet, extranet, internet websites, and mobile apps.
  • Narrow AI Bots – KLST specializes in AI Bots development using LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligence Service), Azure Bot Service (powered by Microsoft Bot Framework). We use AI & machine learning capabilities that leverage existing business applications REST APIs to automatically respond to user requests or key event triggers. We have developed both standalone and interconnected bots for specific business requirements in sales, marketing, call center, recruitment, helpdesk, customer support, etc., with the ability to handle concurrent user queries and requests.
  • Intelligent Analytics – KLST specializes in developing business-ready dashboard using PowerBI and Azure Machine Learning, Azure HDInsight to process large amounts of data that provides valuable insights, predict key events and make recommendations for fraud detection, risks, etc.