Application Development Services

KLST is proud to have worked with Fortune 500 organizations across the world to build cutting edge mobile, social and context-driven applications on Microsoft, Apple iOS, and Android platforms, which meet key business needs and compliance requirements. We provide our clients with game-changing technology strategy, robust applications that are focused on Social, Mobility, Context awareness, Non-Traditional content, User experience, and Consumerization. built on Microsoft SharePoint. KLST’s Application Development Competency is focused on reducing costs and time to build high-quality applications that improve rapidly improve operational efficiencies to unlock key business value.

KLST employs industry experts who specialize in application development platforms such as Microsoft .NET, Apple iOS, and Google Android. We help define your business requirements, write functional and technical specifications, and design, develop, test, and integrate software applications across multiple platforms. KLST follows its very own Software Development Framework called  KLUM that significantly increases productivity and reduces delivery time in order to benefit relative to classic “waterfall” processes. KLUM processes enable organizations to adjust smoothly to rapidly-changing requirements and produce a product that meets evolving business goals. As a result, projects delivered using KLUM typically achieve higher customer satisfaction rates. Some of the key benefits of using KLST Application Development Services are:

  • Advanced Programming capabilities in JQuery, JavaScript, .NET – Cost-effective offshore, onshore, and hybrid teams to ensure rapid development and deployment of high-quality applications.
  • Enterprise Analytics – Measurable Operational Outcomes and valuable business insights through custom application reporting.
  • Interactive Mobile Ready Web Applications – We can design, develop, and deploy rich interactive web applications to deliver a rich user experience across platforms, PCs, and mobile devices.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Integration – We design a rich web front-end for complex ERP backend (such as SAP) to help promote usage, reduce operating costs, improve day-to-day management of operations and support strategic planning initiatives across your organization.
  • Enterprise Application Integration – One of the key goals we set for Application Development services is to help connect your people, line of business systems, and technology with the sole intent of revamping your business and enhance its market potential.