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Asset101 – An Introduction

Asset101 is a centralized management of all information related to Assets, Respective Assets Tasks separated by Users and also organized assets information separated by Vendors and Category. It also provides a Self-support Ticket Management for end users allows them to submit support tickets / requests over the web. Lastly a Personalized Staff Workspace enabling users to access and manage tasks and process instances according to their roles and responsibilities.

Know more about Asset101 Design Approach

Global Asset Management Dashboard

Provides quick access to manage & search assets, Graphical representation of Assets by Category & Manufactures. You can also track assets which has maintenance due, assets related tasks or assets by vendor or category etc.

Asset101 – Asset 360 view

Asset 360 Degree view is a complete end to end view that gives entire details of Asset. It displays what different types and models hardware the user can view in a simplified and consistent manner. 

Easily explore which assets are allocated, to whom, and their physical location. 
Click through to see the asset’s complete history & following Asset details in single view:

  • Serial Number
  • Purchase Price
  • Year of Purchase
  • Asset Location
  • Vendor
  • Vendor Invoice Number
  • Vendor Contract Expiry Date
  • Vendor Maintenance Renewal Date
  • Next Scheduled Maintenance Date
  • Learn more about Asset101 Design Approach
  • Asset Name
  • Asset Description
  • Asset Condition
  • Asset Category
  • Asset Status
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Model
  • Online Info
  • Service Tag Number

Support Ticket Management

– Manage & Search Support Tickets
– Add a New Support Ticket
– Manage Support Ticket WIKI & Documents
– Support Tickets Survey

Learn more about Asset101 Design Approach

Support Tickets by Category

Personalized Staff Workspace Dashboard

Staff Workspace is a dashboard enabling users to access and manage tasks and process instances according to their roles and responsibilities. Also, Staff Workspace in Asset101 helps you to share news, information and documentation relate Assets which are in use by Staff. You can do following actions in Staff Workspace Dashboard:

  • Manage and create threaded team discussions related to various topics
  • Find latest news related and easy way to create Support Tickets
  • Find your support Tickets, Assets and Tasks and keep them up to date

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